5 Must-Have Features For New Kitchen Cabinets

If you are upgrading your kitchen or planning a new build, here are the must-have features you should consider as you make your plans.

Customize For Cooking Quirks

Every home cook and budding baker has his or her own kitchen quirks. Some cooks must have the spices stored within arm's reach while others need to know their knives are in a particular drawer. Others might refuse to chop vegetables unless the trash or food scrap bin is right next to the prep area. You know what yours are. Embrace your kitchen quirks and make them a priority when designing your new cabinets. Create custom areas for the ways that you like them; don't simply accept a pre-fab standard that doesn't fit your wants just as well as your needs.

Custom Pet Storage

Don't just customize for you—customize for your pets too. Are you tired of tripping over your fur baby's food bowl? There's no reason it needs to stay on the floor. Design custom pull-out storage for your pet's food bowls that can slide shut when the feasting has finished. You can also create storage for the food bags and cans too. How about a built-in water fountain for your picky tabby?

Highest Quality Slides

One way to massively improve your kitchen cabinet experience is to opt for the best quality slides you can afford. Do you prefer slides on the bottom rather than the sides? Make sure to make this a priority. You can also opt for concealed runners that won't be visible at all. And you should absolutely opt for soft-close slides. These will prevent your cabinet drawers from slamming shut and causing noise, as well as damaging the hardware and box.

Appliance Garage

Everyone loves how appliances make our lives quicker and easier, but that doesn't mean we need to look at them all the time. An appliance garage is a great addition to your kitchen cabinetry. This on-counter close-able storage area is the perfect spot to store the coffee maker, the mixer, or the toaster, and it also frees up counter space. Don't forget to plan for a power outlet inside the garage so that you never have to bother with the cords.

Bottom Drawers vs. Cabinets

Deep kitchen cabinet shelves on the bottom level of your cabinetry are over. Deep sliding lower cabinet drawers are so much easier and more efficient and they eliminate the need for interior lighting. You'll never have to crawl halfway into a cabinet to find the cast iron ever again when you can simply bring the pots and pans out. Contact a kitchen cabinet supplier for more information.