Restoring And Repairing Your Chimney

Problems with your chimney can be a serious issue to face. In addition to impacting the fireplace's performance, chimney problems may also create safety risks for your family and cause damage to the home. There are a handful of repairs that homeowners may expect to encounter at some point during the time they own their fireplace.

Replacing The Chimney Cap

A chimney cap keeps debris and water from getting into the chimney. The home may suffer many problems if the chimney cap suffers damage or gets knocked off. As a result, your chimney cap will have to be replaced if it encounters these problems. Choosing the right-sized cap for your chimney may require measuring its opening. Otherwise, buying a cap that cannot be secured to the chimney's opening could be a problem. Installing these caps can be tricky because securing the bolts requires specialized tools. Hiring a chimney repair contractor to handle these steps can be the most convenient option for avoiding mistakes when replacing this component.  

Repairing A Chimney's Firebox

The firebox is where the chimney meets the fireplace. This is part of the chimney exposed to the most intense heat from fires. Over time, this can cause damage and soot accumulations. In extreme cases, cracks can form in the firebox. Cracks in this component can be very hazardous due to the risk of the fire spreading to the home's interior or letting toxic fumes into the living space. Replacing the firebrick and mortar is essential for repairing a damaged firebox.

Restoring A Chimney's Masonry

The interior of your chimney experiences intense conditions, but the exterior can also experience extreme conditions. The chimney's masonry must withstand driving rain, freezing temperatures, and even impacts from storm debris. Over time, this results in substantial damage to the chimney's masonry. This damage can affect the chimney in many ways, but broken bricks, crumbling mortar, and discolored masonry are the most common. If the damage to the chimney is widespread, a total restoration may be necessary. A masonry contractor can assess the chimney to determine the necessary repairs, costs, and time required.

Replacing A Chimney Liner

The liner is responsible for keeping smoke and gases away from the combustible materials in your home. Replacing it when it is worn is essential for protecting the house. A liner replacement is a routine issue for a chimney contractor to address, but it can take some time. Chiseling out the original liner is necessary before installing the new one. For most homes, the liner replacement process may take a couple of days. 

For more information about chimney repair, contact a local company.