Investing In Impact Windows For A Home Renovation Project

Are you renovating your home and want to use high-quality materials to give your home more value? If part of the renovation project involves replacing old windows, a high-quality replacement option is impact windows. The reason is that impact windows are manufactured of some of the most valuable materials that you will find. As long as the windows are installed right, you will reap multiple benefits for years to come, including saving money in certain situations. After reading this article, you might find that investing in impact windows is the right direction to take for adding more value to your home. 

Why Are Impact Windows a Valuable Investment?

Impact windows are valuable to invest in because they are made of glass that is difficult to break. The glass is designed to withstand the strongest of impacts, such as flying debris from windspeeds at tornado strength. The structure of impact windows is another feature that makes them valuable. The reason is due to the ability of the glass to make a home more insulated, including blocking out exterior air and noise. Impact windows are also valuable because they add more curb appeal, which is handy if reselling your home ever crosses your mind.

Do Impact Windows Affect Insurance Premiums?

You can rest assured that investing in impact windows will affect your home insurance premium in a positive way. The main thing that home insurance companies consider when setting a premium rate is the probability of a homeowner filing a claim. For example, if windows are constructed of thin glass, it is more likely that the owner will need to file a claim if a storm brews up. On the other hand, windows that have impact-resistant glass are less likely to break and lead to a claim being filed. Your insurance provider might agree to lower your insurance premium after impact windows have been installed.

To What Extent Can Impact Windows Get Damaged?

Impact windows are not fully protected against damage. The purpose of the windows is to withstand a lot of force before damage has been caused. Even when impact windows get damaged, they will not shatter to pieces like standard windows. The glass will break, but there is a film installed within the panes that keeps the broken glass intact. For example, the broken glass might fall out of the frame while still attached to the film instead of flying all over the place and causing an injury.

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