4 Benefits Of Vinyl Decking Versus Wood Decking

Homeowners are often torn between vinyl decking and wooden decking. Wooden decking is usually the most common choice because it is the least expensive option. However, vinyl decking can provide a wider variety of benefits you can't get from wooden decks. 

Here are four reasons to opt for vinyl decking instead of wooden decking. 

1. No Staining 

One of the main factors that can ruin the aesthetics of a deck is staining. A deck is prone to encounter several spills in its lifetime. Hence, you should choose a decking material that will not stain in case of spills. 

Most wooden decks have a protective seal that prevents the porous wood from absorbing spilled liquids. But, when the protective seal (finishing) wears off, a wooden deck absorbs spilled liquids and forms a stain. 

But a vinyl deck is nonporous, so it doesn't need a protective seal to prevent it from staining. Thus, if you don't want to worry about staining your deck, consider opting for vinyl decking instead of wooden decking. 

2. Resistant to Elements 

Since decks are always exposed to the elements, you should opt for decking materials that are resistant to different elements. The main elements to worry about include sunlight, moisture, and pests and bugs. 

Wood is sensitive to different elements. For instance, wooden decking tends to warp when exposed to moisture and sunlight for a long time. Furthermore, when the finishing on your wooden decking wears off, pests, such as termites and woodlice, can damage the wood. 

However, vinyl decks are resistant to all the elements. If you opt for a vinyl deck, you don't have to worry about it warping, fading, or getting damaged by pests. Thus, vinyl decking is ideal because it can withstand the elements, unlike wooden decking. 

3. More Aesthetic Options

Wooden decking is aesthetically appealing. However, wooden decks usually look somewhat the same irrespective of the wood you use. As a result, homeowners have to paint over the wooden decking to enhance its curb appeal. 

Vinyl decking comes in a variety of aesthetic options. For instance, you can pick vinyl decking that resembles wood or an assortment of different colors. Thus, vinyl decking provides more aesthetic options than wood decking. 

4. Low Maintenance 

Due to the susceptibility of wooden decking to the elements, you have to regularly refinish or repaint it. Failure to do so leads to the rapid deterioration of a wooden deck due to various damages caused by the elements. As a result, wooden decking tends to have high maintenance costs. 

But because vinyl decking can resist all the elements, it doesn't have high maintenance costs. In most cases, the only maintenance a vinyl deck needs is regular cleaning. Hence, a vinyl deck has lower maintenance costs than a wooden deck.

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