4 Ways To Tell When Septic Tank Pumping Is Urgent

Homeowners who have septic tanks on their properties need to ensure that they know the importance of septic tank pumping. It is an essential part of maintaining the system. Septic systems that are not properly maintained may fail prematurely and could cause significant property damage. There are a variety of factors such as tank size, age of the system, and a household's waste usage that affect the recommended pumping frequency. The following points identify a few things that may happen when it is time for septic tank pumping.

Offensive Odors

This is often the initial sign that something is amiss. Strong offensive odors may emanate through drains and the outside air. If it is coming through the drains, swift actions need to be taken because sewage could be trapped in drain lines. The toxic substance could spew over at any time. 

Clogged Drains

Septic tanks that need pumping cannot allow wastewater to freely flow through them. This can cause clogs. Some homeowners try to remedy the clogs without realizing that their septic tanks are the culprit. Sometimes a clog may present itself as drains that drain out slowly. If this happens in multiple areas of a home, it is likely a septic tank issue. A plumber can inspect and determine the exact cause. If the issue is ignored, raw sewage could back up into drains.

Gurgling Noises

Homeowners who notice changes in how water sounds when it goes down their drains should get their septic tanks inspected. The sounds are commonly heard when water goes down sinks and toilets. It is a signal that a tank is full or near full. The noises are produced by the tank attempting to allow wastewater to travel through despite being at capacity. Gurgling sounds can also be a sign of an advanced issue such as a clog or sewage backup in drain lines. 

Sewage Backup

This is a serious sign that a system is in need of septic tank pumping services. The backup may initially appear outside the property. However, it can enter drains and require costly cleanup. Raw sewage is a health hazard. The odor from a sewage backup can cause illness and exposure to the waste is hazardous. 

Individuals who are unsure of when they need to get septic tank pumping can use a plumber as a resource. They can inspect the system and determine if it is time to get the tank pumped. If it is not, they can give a rough estimate of when it needs to get done. Plumbers can also create a pumping schedule to make it easier for property owners.