Customize Home Additions: Adding Space, Master Suites, And Outdoor Space To Your Home

There are many ways that you could customize your home additions to fit your lifestyle. Home additions are great for larger families and even just for people who love entertaining guests. Customization options include adding a large living room addition with a deck, master bathroom remodels, or even adding solar panels to power your house.

Build a Custom Home Addition

Home additions are a great way to add extra space to your home. A home addition can be an extension of the existing home, a second story, or even a larger garage. A custom home addition can also add value to your home when it comes time to sell.

When deciding on a home addition, you need to consider the amount of space you want to create and what purpose the new space will serve. Home additions can be small, like adding an office space or breakfast nook, or large enough for an entire master suite with a bathroom and walk-in closet. You will also need to determine how long you plan on living in the home and the scope of the work. Home additions should be designed for the future owner if you plan on moving soon.

There are many factors that need to be considered when building a custom addition on your property. You will need to determine whether your land is suitable for addition or if any major issues would make the project impossible. The foundation of your existing home should also be evaluated before any construction begins. This includes checking for cracks and other damage that might have occurred over time. 

Add a Master Suite

Adding a master suite can be expensive, but it's one of the most popular home additions. There are three types of master suite additions:

  • Expanding the existing bedroom and adding a bathroom
  • Adding a bedroom and a bathroom to a home
  • Adding a bedroom, bathroom, and a sitting room to a home

This type of addition can add value to your home because potential buyers will be looking for an extra bedroom, especially if you have just one or two bedrooms in your house now. If you want an added sitting room for the master bedroom, consider making this part of the addition project. Adding onto the master bedroom will allow you to change the floor plan of the main living area. Maybe add some built-ins or make the living room larger. Maybe removing some walls to create a more open floor plan is desired or getting more light-weight into the living space. 

Build a Garage

Whether you want extra space on your property or simply want to free up space in your home, building a garage is a practical and convenient solution.

There are several different types of garages you can build, from attached to detached and from single story to multiple stories. Whichever type will work best for your family depends on the size of the area that you have to build on and what purpose you are using the garage for.

Add a Deck or Porch

Adding a porch or deck can create a whole new living space without having to break ground on an addition. A porch or deck can be built by a professional contractor, or you can take on the project yourself. You'll need to choose the type and style of your porch or deck and choose materials. 

When investing in additions for your home, you can customize your space to fit your needs. Contact a home addition service, such as Dog Star Construction, to discuss the options to create a space that meets your needs.