Asphalt Parking Lot vs. Concrete Parking Lot

Having a nice parking lot for your employees and customers to park in is a necessity when you run any type of business. Right now, you might be interested in installing a parking lot, but first, you'll need to decide what material you want it to be made from. You might know that asphalt parking lots are the most popular option, but you might be at least a little bit interested in installing a concrete parking lot. Even though some do decide that a concrete parking lot is the best choice, and although concrete parking lots do have their benefits, asphalt is often the better choice. These are a few signs that you will be better off installing an asphalt parking lot on your commercial property.

You Own Property in a Place With a Cold Climate

If you live and run a business in a place with a colder climate, at least during the winter months, then you should keep this in mind when you're deciding what type of parking lot you would like to install on your commercial property. In general, concrete parking lots don't do very well in colder climates. Spreading salt on parking lots is a well-known method of preventing overly icy conditions, for example, but salt can damage concrete. Asphalt, on the other hand, is unaffected by salt. Additionally, concrete is more prone to cracking and otherwise breaking down due to cold conditions. Overall, you're sure to find that an asphalt parking lot is more suitable for colder weather.

You're on a Lower Budget

If you have had a quote done on the cost of installing a concrete parking lot on your property, you might have been surprised by what you've found. The truth is that installing a concrete parking lot can be incredibly expensive, especially if you're installing a bigger parking lot. Asphalt is typically significantly cheaper.

You're Hoping To Have Your Parking Lot Installed Quickly

The process of having a concrete parking lot installed is often longer and more involved than installing an asphalt parking lot, although some site preparation work might be needed before your asphalt parking lot can be installed, too. Additionally, even though you will need to be prepared for drying times for your asphalt parking lot, you're sure to find that they will be a lot shorter than they would be for a concrete parking lot. Therefore, if having a parking lot installed promptly is important to you, asphalt is probably going to be the better choice.

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