Discover Why A Seasoned Expert Should Waterproof Your Basement

The basement is perhaps one of the house layouts you think about the least when carrying out the annual home maintenance. Most people just inspect the roof, walls, flooring, and ceilings. When they don't find any problem with these areas, they assume all is well. However, it's worth noting that the basement is among your home's most critical sections and is more prone to water damage than the other parts. Some of the things that subject your basement to water damage include rain, plumbing leaks, floods, burst pipes, and excess humidity. Luckily, you can avoid water damage by investing in a professional basement waterproofing service. Here's why your basement should be properly waterproofed.

You Cut Energy Costs and Boost Your Home's Value

Most homeowners complain a lot when their monthly energy costs go up. In fact, they hardly know that basement waterproofing is a perfect solution to this problem. The crawl or basement space should be sealed off from torrential and seasonal rains. When the basement cracks are sealed, cold air will not enter your house during the cold season, and the warm air inside the house will be retained. 

Such enhanced energy efficiency can help you cut energy bills and prevent excess moisture that supports mold growth. On the other hand, snowmelt, flash flooding, and hail storms will not take a toll on your house, affecting your insurance claims. Usually, when you waterproof the basement, you can avoid pitfalls that might ruin your insurance claims and home's value.

You Minimize Health Issues

Your home's health has a lot of impact on your own health. When the basement is in bad shape or suffers massive water damage, you and your family will likely suffer certain health problems. When condensation, humidity, and moisture seep through those unsealed cracks into the basement, toxic mildew or mold will grow. Most mold species grow within one or two days and make your home an unhealthy environment. Mold growth then triggers health problems like respiratory infections, breathing issues, and allergies. However, basement waterproofing services will help you keep such health issues away.

Goodbye Structural Damage

When you don't waterproof the basement, you subject it and the rest of the house structure to structural damage. The water that seeps through the basement and reaches the foundation usually weakens the joints and edges where the walls and floors meet. When this happens, you end up with bowing or buckled walls, and the floors and foundation can develop cracks. Don't undermine such problems because they lead to expensive repairs and unsanitary living conditions. Fortunately, basement waterproofing keeps structural damage at bay and makes your home livable.

If every homeowner understood the benefits of professional basement waterproofing, they would hardly experience massive water and structural damage in their home. A basement that's poorly waterproofed or not waterproofed at all is risky in many ways. So look for a professional to waterproof your basement at the right time to avoid problems when it rains or floods.