Steps To Take When Waterproofing A Crawl Space

You may be interested in waterproofing your home's crawl space as this renovation can keep pests away and also reduce the possibility of damage caused by humidity. You'll reap these rewards and have a relatively stress-free time with crawl space waterproofing if you take these steps. 

Locate Crawl Space

Before you can get started on a waterproof solution for the crawl space area, you need to locate it first. This part of the home can vary in properties and it can be a little confusing if you've just moved into a place. Still, there should be directions from the builder explaining where this crawl space is located and how to access it.

Find these plans so that you can head to the crawl space right away and start prepping for this important waterproofing improvement. If you still have trouble finding or accessing the crawl space, talk to someone that knows the particular property like the builder that designed it or the realtor that sold you the home.

Seal the Pipes Too

A lot of focus is put on the walls and floors in a crawl space that is being waterproofed. These are very important, but you also want to remember to seal any pipes in the area too.

If you don't, then water caused by excessive humidity could affect nearby structures that you don't notice until a lot of damage has occurred. Seal pipes up with the same solutions you would use for the walls and flooring so that the crawl space truly is waterproof.

Use Quality Tape for the Seams

Once you lay down waterproof materials around the crawl space, there will be seams left over. You need to use quality tape to seal them off and keep different waterproofing materials in place over the years.

You should be able to find tape specifically for crawl space waterproofing. It will have a strong makeup and hold waterproofing materials down securely, even if there is movement like when you walk across the top with your feet. Using quality tape for the seams during this waterproofing renovation also keeps the tape from popping up and forcing you to use more.

Being careful about how you waterproof a crawl space is key in this renovation truly paying off, whether it's to keep water damage to a minimum or make the property better insulated. Use helpful materials and put together a step-by-step breakdown of the tasks you need to execute so that crisis can be avoided. 

For more information, contact a crawl space waterproofing service.