Repairing Issues With Your Septic Drainfield

The drainfield for your septic tank system can be one of the more important parts of your plumbing system. However, it can be a part of the system that will be easy to overlook until it has suffered significant problems and needs to undergo repairs.

Understand The Role That The Drainfield Will Play In Your Septic System

It is important to understand the particular role that the drainfield will play in your septic system. While the septic tank will be responsible for breaking down the solid matter in your home's wastewater, the drainfield will have the role of draining the water from the septic tank. This will need to be done over a large area so that the soil will not erode from large amounts of water emptying into the same spot. To account for this, the drainfield will have tubing that has a series of small holes in it that will allow any water to drain out in a slow and controlled manner over a large surface area.

Take Steps To Minimize The Risk Of Clogs Developing.

Preventing clogs from forming in the drainfield will require you to have the septic tank pumped regularly. This will remove large pieces of solid waste from being able to enter the drainfield where it can create these clogs. Unfortunately, once a clog has formed in the drainfield, it can be extremely difficult to remove. Often, this will involve the need to excavate much of the soil around the drainfield so that the tubing that has been clogged can be replaced. As a result of the difficulty and costs involved with this repair, it can be worth the effort to keep up with the maintenance of the septic tank.

Be Prompt With Scheduling Drainfield And Other Septic System Repairs

Whenever your drainfield has started to develop problems, repairs should be scheduled as soon as possible. Delaying the repairs to your septic tank can have serious consequences. One of these consequences can be the clog worsening to the point where the entire system becomes clogged. If this were to occur, the interior of your house may start filling with wastewater as a result of the system becoming backed up. Sadly, drainfield clogs can rapidly worsen, which can leave our home extremely vulnerable to these complications if you fail to schedule repairs for the system as quickly as possible. In addition to making the repairs for your system more expensive, these complications could also force you to evacuate the building until the interior has been sanitized and restored.

For more information about septic tank drainfield repair, contact a local contractor.