Sometimes It's A Better Investment To Have A New Roof Put On Rather Than Spend Money On Repairs

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you'll probably need to replace it at some point if you own your home long enough. However, knowing when it's time to replace your roof can be tricky since repairs might be an alternative that costs less. Here are times to think about getting a new roof rather than put money toward repairs.

When Your Roof Has Water Damage

If your roof had a leak you didn't know about, the deck of the roof might have water damage. A roofer has to cut out the rotted part of the deck and replace it. This also requires removing the shingles and underlayment. If a large area of your roof has water damage, getting a new roof could be a good option. Either way, you'll want a roofer's help as soon as possible since a rotted roof deck could collapse.

When Your Roof Has Lost Most Of Its Granules

The granules on asphalt shingles protect them from sun damage, so when the granules wear off, your roof will age a lot faster. Since granules wear off naturally over time, a loss of granules is a sign your roof is old and near the end of its life.

Sometimes granules get swept off by tree branches that hang too low. In that case, the granule loss is limited to a small area. A roofer can replace the shingles or add more granules as a type of roof repair, but when the shingles all over your roof have lost granules, it's a sign you need a new roof.

When Your Roof Has Sudden Storm Damage

If a tree limb crashes through your roof or if hail destroys most of the asphalt shingles, you'll probably need to get a new roof installed. Damage like this might be covered under your home insurance policy, so talk to your agent about what type of work they'll pay for. Your insurance company might pay to replace your roof rather than pay for repairs when your roof has storm damage.

When Your Roof Is Old

Hopefully, you have warranty documents or other information that tells you the age of your roof and its expected lifespan. If your roof is only a few years old, it could make sense to spend your money on repairs. However, if your roof is old and only expected to last a few more years, then putting on a new roof could be a better way to use your money over the long term since you'll need to replace the roof soon anyway.

Contact a company that helps with new roofs for more information.