4 Reasons Why Well Water System Maintenance Is Important

Water system maintenance is a critical investment in preventing long-term problems. These include both physical issues with the system and potential health concerns. Here are four of the main reasons you'll want to have a professional perform maintenance on your building's system.

Mineral Buildup 

All types of water systems are at risk of collecting minerals from the water that passes through them. This is especially the case with well water systems. While it's great to have access to a supply of water directly from your property, the downside is that you have to contend with whatever is in the water deposit. Maybe you're in luck and the deposit is perfectly conditioned, but most likely there will be some residual materials from the deposit that the water absorbs.

For a while, these might be minor annoyances that you may either ignore or address with filtration. Eventually, though, the minerals can create problems with a system. The worst possibility is that the minerals will collect in the hot water lines and either destroy the tank or cause pressure to build. Although modern systems will fault to a predesigned failure condition and shouldn't cause something drastic like an explosion, you'll still have to replace the tank and possibly the lines.


Stagnant water, in particular, could create many problems. For example, legionella can develop inside water lines that don't have enough flow or that aren't regularly in use. If you're dealing with the water supply at a place you don't frequent, such as a cabin or vacation home, it's wise to have a professional perform water system maintenance before you take up in the place. They will drain and flush the lines to ensure you're getting clean water. Also, they'll check the filters in the system to ensure everything is ready for another year.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

While there are many reasons to worry about maintenance, some are more mundane. As lines age, they're likely to become less efficient. This can make it harder to draw water through the lines. Similarly, the drop in performance can put a strain on water heating systems.


Even if you're confident that the system is in top shape, it's a good idea to have a professional sign off on its condition before transferring it to another party. Not only is this just fair dealing, but it can help turn up any potential problems before a deal is finalized. For additional information, contact a water system maintenance service.