Scenarios That Require Help From A Brick Masonry Contractor

If you have brick incorporated throughout your home, you probably love its aesthetics and durability. That being said, it will face issues over the years. If any of these scenarios show up around your home, then it's generally best to hire a brick masonry contractor as soon as you can.

Cracked Bricks

You don't have to be a brick expert to know that cracked bricks are not a good thing for your property's structure. It can cause stressful problems that will probably be expensive to fix. As soon as you notice bricks starting to crack, hire a masonry brick contractor.

If the bricks aren't damaged too much, this contractor can apply sealants inside and around the crack that create a barrier. In addition to making your bricks look better, the sealant keeps elements out and stops them from making the crack get any bigger.

Bulging Bricks

If you're located in a place where it freezes a lot, then it's pretty common for exposed brick on the outside of your home to bulge out. It happens because the backing that you can't see expands and contracts when extreme temperature fluctuations occur.

Any time you have bricks bulging out by a lot, act fast and hire a masonry brick contractor. They can remove these bricks and address the backing materials so that they are perfectly in place. Then the contractor can place the bulging bricks back into position and line them up properly with the surrounding bricks. 

Damaged Mortar

Sometimes when it comes to brick issues, it's the mortar that is damaged and not the brick itself. That still isn't good because it can allow elements to get in, and bricks can misalign over time. As soon as you notice sections with damaged mortar, hire a brick masonry contractor.

They can go in and apply new mortar to areas that need it. The reapplication will be done in a seamless manner so that you don't know which areas were worked on. The mortar they use also will be specifically designed for the brick that is on or around your home.

A lot of homes have bricks both on the inside and outside. If your property has such materials, then keep in mind that professional masonry contractors are available for when these bricks face issues. If you're responsive and know which professional to hire, these issues won't be so bad to deal with. 

To learn more, contact a masonry contractor.