Boiler Failures And Repairs Radiant Heating Systems Need To Get Your Home Warm Again

In many areas, radiant heating systems provide efficient cooling during the winter months. These systems use boilers to provide your home with the heating it needs, which are also systems that are used for hot water when you are not using your heating. This means that they are susceptible to different problems and may need repairs during winter weather. The following boiler and radiant heating problems are some of the issues that you may need to have repaired:

Problems with radiators and air in the system

One of the biggest issues that you may have with a radiant heating system is air getting into the radiators, but it can easily be fixed. To bleed the radiators, follow these steps:

  • Turn the thermostat on to start your heating
  • Make sure all the radiators are open
  • Listen for water circulating through the system
  • Open valves where you hear dripping and let the air escape

These are the steps to bleed air out of your radiators to ensure they provide your home with heating.

Leaking pressure valves and connections to radiators

There are pressure valves on the boiler and all the radiators installed in your home. The boiler's pressure valve is connected to a tank to make your system safe and reduce hazards. The valves at the radiators can sometimes leak slowly and cause air to get into the system. Modern radiators also have control valves that allow you to control the heat of radiators.

Problems with sanitation and heating water pumps

Many radiant heating systems require water pumps to be installed with the boiler. Usually, there are two pumps: one for your plumbing hot water and the other is for your heating system. When the pumps fail, you may notice that there is no pressure when you use the hot water or radiators making noises. If you think your problem is with the water pumps, call a boiler repair service to fix or replace these parts.

Issues with boilers failing and not heating water in the system

Many problems can cause the boiler not to heat water and fluids for a radiant heating system. These issues are often due to the burner not working correctly, which may need to be cleaned to get the system working again. If cleaning does not work, other issues with your boiler may be:

  • Failing controller unit
  • Burner parts wearing out
  • Tube and exhaust system issues

If your boiler does not heat water for your home, call a repair service to have them check for these problems. These issues could be causing your heating to not work properly.

During the winter months, you are going to want to make sure that these problems do not cause you to have to go without heating. Call a boiler repair service for help with repairs when you have problems with your system.