How To Successfully Rent Crash Trucks For Paving Work Sites

If you work on busy roads for pavement purposes, then you need to account for this increased traffic with a crash truck. These vehicles are designed to provide added safety to a work zone because they can minimize the impact of vehicle collisions if they happen. If you plan on renting these vehicles, these tips are important to consider.

Order the Right Quantity

So that these crash trucks provide your worksite with adequate protection, you need to order the right amount. This will vary from job to job so it's important that you carefully assess the scope of your paving operations.

Where will your crew be working and how many people will be involved. Once you have this information, you'll have a better idea of the number of rental trucks you need. 

You can also take pictures of your worksite and show them to the rental company. They can then recommend a quantity amount based on the size and location of your work site.

Make Sure Lane Indicators Are Included

Once these crash trucks are set up around your work site to protect workers and equipment involved, it's important that you direct traffic away from these areas. This won't be difficult to do when you get crash trucks that have lane indicators.

They enable you to signal drivers to switch lanes, either to the right or left of the paving work zones. Then oncoming drivers can get over in the right lane safely and avoid costly collisions, to begin with.

Purchase Insurance

So that you're not responsible for damage that happens to these crash trucks, it's a good idea to get insurance with your rentals. You then will have adequate protection should these trucks in fact get hit or suffer complications while they're under your supervision.

Insurance will cover any repair costs that are required after you turn these vehicles in. Make sure you get enough insurance to cover the full value of each crash truck. You then will have nothing to really worry about heading into this rental process. 

If you manage pavement operations on busy roads like highways, then you'll certainly want to get a crash truck rental for every project. They can minimize damage in case collisions do occur around your work site. You can have a smooth rental experience too as long as you know what factors to get right, such as truck quantity, insurance coverage, and included features.