The Foundation Repair Guide To Help You Choose The Right Improvements To Prevent Future Damage

When you have to have foundation repairs done, you want to make sure that they are long-lasting. It is important to choose the right improvements that prevent future problems with water, moisture, and soil erosion. The following foundation repair guide will help you determine the right improvements to help protect your home from future problems:

Drainage And How It Can Affect The Foundation And Landscaping Around Your Home

The drainage of your foundation is important, and it should start away from the foundation in your landscaping. You will want to make sure you have good landscaping watershed to help direct water away from the structure. In addition, gutter downspouts and any landscaping near the foundation should also have good drainage systems to keep water away from the structure.

Addressing Problems With Outdated Waterproofing And The Foundation Damage That It Causes

The waterproofing system of your foundation can also be one of the principal causes of structural damage. This is often due to outdated materials that are asphalt-based, which eventually crack and fail. The failure of the waterproofing makes problems with static pressure worse and allows water to slowly seep in and cause damage. To improve these problems, modern patented waterproofing systems that reduce static pressure can be installed to protect your home.

Improving Foundation Drain Tile Systems To Help Reduce Static Pressure And The Structural Damage That It Causes

There are also foundation tile drain systems that often need repairs but are sometimes better to replace with modern materials and improved design. If you have old outdated tile drains near the foundation of your home, it may be time to upgrade them and prevent problems with water and moisture at the foundation.

Foundation Sump Pump and Mechanical System Improvements To Help Keep Your Home Dry and Prevent Damage

There are also mechanical improvements that can be done to help keep your home dry, which starts with installing a sump pump. The sump pump installation can be done for any type of foundation with water problems, which are common with basements and crawl spaces. In addition, you can also install moisture sensors and alert systems that help alert you when there is a water problem in vulnerable areas of your foundation.

This foundation repair guide will help you protect your home's foundation from future problems when you have repairs done. If you need help with repairs to your home's foundation, contact a foundation repair service and talk to them about these improvements to protect your home.