5 Steps To Restoring Concrete Hardscaping Surfaces With Cleaning And Pressure Washing To Remove Grime And Stains

If you have old and worn concrete surfaces for hardscaping, it is time to start restoring their appearance. Sometimes, the damage to the concrete is minor and a little cleaning and pressure washing will help to give them a restored look, but you may want to know more about this process. The following steps to cleaning and pressure washing concrete surfaces will help walk you through the process of restoring your hardscaping surface:

1. Use Light Detergent and a Garden Hose to Remove Heavy Sediment and Dirt on Concrete

The first thing that you want to do is remove the sediment and dirt from the surfaces of concrete. This can be done by using a light detergent and garden hose. Use a garden hose and broom to scrub the concrete and remove any debris that may be hiding worn and damaged areas of your concrete.

2. Inspect the Concrete Hardscaping Surfaces for Minor Damage That Needs to Be Repaired

The concrete hardscaping surfaces may have minor damage. This often happens due to wear and chips or holes can be on the surface. Therefore, it important to inspect the surfaces and identify areas where there is wear or damage. When pressure washing the concrete, you want to try to avoid these areas to prevent the damage from getting worse.

3. Initial Pressure Washing to Remove the Stains and Grime from Your Concrete Surfaces

Once you have identified the worn and damaged areas of concrete, the initial pressure washing can be done. Talk with the pressure washing service about the areas where there is wear and damage that needs to be repaired, so they will avoid pressure in these areas to prevent the damage from getting worse.

4. Repairing the Damaged Areas of Concrete Surfaces to Complete the Restoration of Hardscaping

The damage to the concrete surfaces can be a problem during cleaning and pressure washing, which is why the repairs should be done after the initial pressure washing. This will help prevent the new repairs from being damaged while cleaning. Now, use mortar or quick-set concrete materials to fill the damaged areas and repair the damage to the surface.

5. Final Pressure Washing and Sealing the Concrete Surfaces to Protect Them from Further Wear and Damage

The final step in the cleaning and pressure washing is to do a final clean of the concrete and seal it. You can use acid stain to color the repaired areas to match the old concrete. Seal the cleaned surface with a concrete sealer to prevent further damage and wear.

These are the steps that you will go through to restore the worn and stained concrete hardscaping surfaces with pressure washing. If you have worn hardscaping the needs to be cleaned, contact a concrete pressure washing service and talk to them about helping to restore these surfaces.